4 Things You Might Not Know About Car Air Conditioning

25th July 2022

It’s hot out there – at least it is at the time of writing this short article, and with the sun beating down and cars becoming like saunas on wheels, it’s only natural, we’re all going to be turning up the car aircon.

Car Air Con

But, as with many other features of our modern cars and vans, air-conditioning comes with an element of myth and mystery. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 4 things about car air conditioning you might not know.

  1. Car aircon helps hay fever sufferers

    It really does, and the most obvious reason for this is, that having an air conditioner means you don’t have to open the windows of your car and let in all that irritating pollen.

    Also, a car aircon has a special pollen filter that traps the pollen before it has a chance to enter the atmosphere – just make sure you get it changed during your car aircon servicing.

  2. Packard changed the car aircon game

    Before 1939, if you wanted aircon in your car, your only option would be to buy a limousine or equally luxury car that had an aircon system fitted.

    Then, in 1939, Motor Car Company, Packard created an aircon unit that could be retrofitted to its more modest everyday motor cars. Although this advancement did change the game in car air conditioning, there were a few key issues that held it back, including:

    • The blower and evaporating system took up half the boot space.
    • There was no automatic shut-off system, other than switching the fan off.
    • Several feet of plumbing up and down the vehicle proved too difficult to service.
    • The cost of around £4,400 in today's money, wasn’t as affordable as Packard had predicted.
    • Because of these unfortunate issues, Packard knocked the idea of car aircon for all on the head in 1941, but the advancement did pave the way for car aircon’s future.

  3. Using a car's air conditioner doesn’t cost you more money

    We all know that driver (and it might be you) that moans about turning the car a/c on because they think it costs more money than opening a window. Well, you can tell them from us, opening all the windows on your car is actually just as, and if not more expensive than whacking up the car aircon.

    The reason for this is that when you open the windows on a moving vehicle you create drag, meaning the vehicle has to work harder and use the equivalent extra fuel that aircon does.

  4. Regular car aircon servicing saves you money

    As good as modern car air conditioning systems are, the system does suffer from deterioration (10- 15% per year) due to constant use, especially in a really hot summer.

    This deterioration has a profound effect on the heart of the system, the compressor, which is basically the component that maintains the performance of the whole system. And, just like your own heart, if the aircon compressor has deteriorated and not been serviced, it needs to work harder and use more fuel, to reach its optimal performance.

Car AC repair

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