5 Fuel-Saving Tips For Motorists

12th July 2022

With fuel prices at a record high, and no signs of them going down anytime soon, you might be wondering what steps you could take to save money on fuel, whilst still being able to get out and about as usual.

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That’s why, in this short article, we’ve put together 5 practical ways you could save fuel, just by making a few simple changes in the way you drive, and by being more aware of why your vehicle uses so much fuel.

  1. Save fuel by changing the way you drive

    ‘There’s nothing wrong with my driving,’ you might say when we tell you that most ‘experienced’ drivers pick up all sorts of bad habits along the way, and a few of those habits can lead to increased fuel consumption, including:

    • Driving too fast: Apart from the obvious dangers and possibility of getting a speeding fine, regularly driving fast (over 65mph) means your vehicle is working against drag, therefore using more fuel.

      So, as much as it might annoy you, slow down, don’t break speed limits, or drive faster than you need to, even if the speed limit says you can. This way, you’ll not only save fuel, but your passengers will feel far safer too.

    • Accelerating and braking sharply: This one’s an obvious one – if you want your car to move away faster, you need to press the pedal harder to move the vehicle, trouble is, you need more fuel to get the thrust you think you require.

      Also, this unnecessary, and often dangerous excessive acceleration leads to sharper braking, meaning your brake pads wear faster (more expense), and then you have to slam that gas pedal down again (more fuel) to move off.

  2. Save fuel by checking your tyre pressure

    Unfortunately, most drivers don’t check their tyres half as often as they should. But, if your tyres are underinflated, your vehicle will be using more fuel to pull your vehicle along.

    So, make sure your tyres are inflated to the recommended levels, and check them regularly, not only for pressure levels but also for general wear and tear.

  3. Save fuel by emptying the boot

    Admit it – your boot is full of gardening tools, bricks left over from that DIY job, and a bag of something you don’t even want to think about. Problem is, all this extra weight is burning unnecessary fuel every time you pop out.

    We know it sounds obvious, but go through your vehicle and take out anything you don’t regularly use or need. And, not that many people will be doing it right now, but you could also lessen the load by not regularly putting in a full tank of fuel.

  4. Save fuel by regulating aircon use

    Yes, we know it’s hot out there at the moment, but constant aircon usage affects how much fuel you use. So, the best advice is, when you’re moving slowly, in traffic for instance, turn the aircon off and open the windows.

  5. Save fuel by planning your journey ahead

    If you’ve got a long journey to make, plan ahead and check online to work out the most fuel-efficient route. Alternatively, travel at times when the roads are clearer and you can avoid heavy traffic.

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