5 Reasons your BMW needs servicing

10th September 2021

There’s no denying, BMW is a superior car brand, and can comfortably stand alongside Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Alpha Romeo. But, just like any other car, your BMW, no matter what model it is, will need to be regularly serviced, and preferably at a BMW specialist garage that regularly and competently carries out BMW repairs and BMW servicing.

BMW Servicing

And here are 5 good reasons why…

1. To maintain Safety

Safety needs to be at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to reasons to get your BMW serviced. An un-serviced BMW, or any other car for that matter, can present serious dangers to the driver, passengers and other road users.

And this isn’t just about brakes…

Think of all the other components of your BMW that work to keep you safe, like steering mechanisms, fuel systems, and BMWs unique Advanced Safety Systems, with features such as active headrests or seatbelt tensioners, that respond within a split-second of a collision – these all may need servicing or inspecting to ensure they work when they’re needed.

2. To maintain performance

With a combination of rear-wheel drive (in most models), an ultra-careful attention to weight distribution, and precision engineering providing a highly responsive acceleration and seamless gear change, a BMWs overall performance certainly earns its badge of superiority.

But, to ensure that your beloved BMW maintains that high level performance, it’s vital you get it regularly serviced. By changing the oil and filters, servicing the fuel system, checking brakes, tyres, and suspension and steering geometry, parts work better together and provide that overall, luxury performance you’ve become accustomed to.

3. To maintain your warranty

‘We’re confident in our precision and quality’, it says on the BMW website, at bmw.co.uk. And because of this confidence, BMW offer a range of warranties designed to cover your vehicle and parts for a varying number of years, depending on whether you buy a new or used BMW.

But, to make the most of these warranties, there are guidelines you need to follow, and at the top of the list on the BMW Approved Used Car Warranty, it states that ‘Failure to comply with the service schedule recommended by BMW Group UK may invalidate the warranty’.

4. To help maintain the value

We know how much you love your BMW, and how excited you probably were the day you bought it. But, that excitement and the newness eventually wears off and starts you thinking about selling your treasured BMW and buying another one.

But, if you haven’t regularly serviced your old BMW, you might realise the value has dropped significantly. Think of it like this – how much would you offer if the BMW you took for a test drive had grinding brakes, play in the steering, smoke pouring out of the exhaust or tyres worn down to the mesh?

5. Why wouldn’t you?

You paid a lot of money for your BMW, it gets you where you need to be, people stop to admire it, and let’s face it, it’s your pride and joy – so why wouldn’t you get it serviced?

The main reason people tend not to get their BMW serviced regularly, comes down to it being expensive. And, whilst we’re not pretending it’ll always be cheap, there are steps you can take to reduce that cost, including:

  • Getting it serviced regularly – Won’t that be even more expensive? No, because much of the work carried out on a service is preventative maintenance, such as changing the oil to help preserve other engine parts, or adjusting tracking to prolong the life of your tyres.
  • Not getting it serviced by BMW – Of course, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong in getting your BMW serviced by BMW, but, good independent garages, such as Quality Car Service, that specialise in and are authorised to service BMWs can often offer much cheaper services and repairs using high-quality parts.

BMW Servicing, Milton Keynes

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