5 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Car

9th February 2022

Ever pulled onto a motorway and thought, "I wish this car performed better than this"? And why wouldn’t you? You paid a lot for that car, so the least you can expect is to get the optimal performance when you need it.

Engine Oil Check

Thankfully, there are ways to increase the performance of your car, 5 of which we’re about to briefly explain in this article. But, before we dig down, remember – with increased performance, comes greater responsibility, so ALWAYS DRIVE SAFELY.

1. Get your car serviced

OK, this one might be boring to some, but keeping your car in the best working order, with regular servicing by a reputable mechanic, is the first step to improving its performance.

During most full services, your mechanic will adjust or change various components of your car’s engine that have a direct effect on your cars overall performance. These components include:

Spark plugs

Spark plugs are either changed, adjusted or cleaned during a vehicle service, not only to improve the efficiency when starting the car but also to help with the additional sparks required during acceleration.

Air filter

To work at its most efficient, a combustion engine requires a precise mixture of fuel and air, so by having your air filter changed during a service, you increase the efficiency in which air is delivered, therefore improving performance.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is changed during most basic services, due to old and sludgy oil making all components of the engine work harder, therefore limiting performance as you pull onto that motorway.

2. Upgrade your tyres

Of course, most drivers understand the importance of having a decent set of tyres on their car, both for safety and fuel economy. But, did you know, your tyres are one of the most important factors in the performance of your car?

In a similar way, good grips on your trainers help provide firmer and more stable contact to the ground, decent (wider) tyres will hold the road better, and more efficiently transfer the power from your engine to the road.

3. Get it remapped

Remapping your car is a bit like tuning an instrument. With your car however, instead of using tuning forks and pitch pipes, your mechanic will plug specialist remapping equipment into your car's ECU (Engine Control Unit), which essentially changes the default factory settings, to give you a better performance all-round.

4. Get it flushed

The problem with fuel systems, is that over time, they suffer from a build-up of carbon deposits. This old carbon has the negative effect of prohibiting fuel delivery, and therefore reducing the overall performance of the vehicle.

By getting your fuel system professionally flushed with a system such as TerraClean, either during a service or between services, fuel can once again travel freely and give you the extra performance, when you need it.

5. Lose some weight

No, we’re not being rude, we’re talking about the stuff you keep in your car. Do you really need that big box of tools, those old tins of paint, and your kids' pushchair permanently in the boot?

By reducing surplus weight, such as tools, spare parts etc., our cars will naturally be more efficient and economical. And, if you’re really fussy, you could even consider reducing weight by not driving on a full tank of fuel.

Looking for local car servicing?

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