5 ways to keep your car tyres in good condition

15th December 2021

According to a study carried out by Bridgestone, ‘20 lives per year could be saved on motorways by drivers carrying out simple tyre checks before setting off on their journeys.’

Sadly, very few drivers carry out basic checks on their tyres or even know which checks to make. That’s why, in this short blog, we’re giving you 5 ways to keep your car tyres in good condition, including some regular checks you should be carrying out.

Vehicle tyre safety

1. Check the pressure

Be honest: when did you last check the pressure in your car tyres? You might give them a glance or a gentle kick every now and then, but unless the tyre-pressure gauge tells you to, how often do you check?

The correct pressure in your tyres refers to underinflating or overinflating, as either could have serious consequences. Underinflated tyres wear faster and more unevenly, and can also increase fuel consumption, whilst overinflated tyres increase the risk of a blowout, and the subsequent loss of control of the vehicle.

The best practice is to check the pressure at least once a month. You can either do it with your own pressure gauge, or use the one at the petrol station, but only do it when the tyres are cold, and make sure you inflate them according to the guidance in your manual.

2. Check for damage

Before you set out each day, check each tyre for any damage, such as cuts, bulges, or if they are any objects, like screws or nails lodged inside. It’s also important when doing these checks to look for unusual wear, which could point to incorrect wheel alignment or unbalanced tyres.

3. Check the tread

The tread on your car tyres is vital in helping you stop, and for helping your car hold the road, especially when handling fast bends in wet or icy conditions. You can buy tyre tread depth gauges quite cheaply online, either manually controlled or digital. Whichever you buy, the legal minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm.

4. Make sure your wheels are aligned

Unaligned wheels can cause various issues with your car, including causing your tyres to wear unevenly, and reducing their effectiveness, especially in motorway driving. You could visit your local garage to check wheel alignment, or if you aren’t having any issues, such as unusual handling or juddering, get it checked next time you need new tyres.

5. Drive sensibly

Driving sensibly means eliminating a whole range of bad driving habits, including –

  • Mounting the kerb (unless it’s unavoidable, in which case you should carry out the manoeuvre slowly and at an angle rather than head on)
  • Excessive braking or accelerating.
  • Purposely skidding or wheel spinning.
  • Driving too fast over uneven surfaces or potholes.
  • Steering when stationary.

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