Habits That May Be Damaging Your Car

27th May 2022

You’re a good driver. You’ve been driving for years. But, over those years, you’ve probably picked up a few bad habits, and those bad driving habits might be causing damage to your car and costing you money you don’t have to spend.

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In this short article ‘Habits that may be damaging your car’, we look at some of the most common bad driving habits many drivers have, and give you the reasons why you should stop doing them now.

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Accelerating and braking unnecessarily

This is something many drivers do out of frustration, especially in heavy traffic. But, unnecessary acceleration in situations that don’t require it, means you’re braking more often and much harder than needed, which means your brake pads are going to wear a lot quicker, and you may also find you’re visiting the tyre repair centre more often than you’d like.

Driving on an almost empty tank

OK, you might think you’re saving money by not carrying around that extra fuel, but the problem is (apart from the possibility of running out of fuel), with not much fuel to draw on, your engine starts pulling in all the dirt and grime from your tank, which can enter your fuel system, and cause blockages, and fuel filters to need replacing more often.

Holding the clutch down when stationary

It’s easy to do – you pull up to the lights, and instead of pulling the handbrake up, shifting into neutral then releasing the clutch, you sit there in first with the clutch down. The problem here is that you start putting unnecessary stress on the pressure plate, release bearing and release arm of your clutch, which could potentially lead to serious, and expensive transmission issues.

Revving when the engine is cold

It’s a frosty morning. You need to get going, so you start the car up and give it a good old revving to ‘warm it up’. Although this sounds like a good idea, this sudden change in temperature causes unnecessary expansion and contraction within the engine’s tight-fitting components, which will eventually affect its performance.

Resting on the gearstick

If you don’t have an armrest in your car, it feels natural to rest your hand on the gearstick when stationary, or when moving. The problem is, you’re putting unnecessary pressure on the selector fork, which can, and often does lead to serious transmission issues, and spending cash you didn’t need to spend.

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