TerraClean – What You Need To Know

28th June 2022

In this short article, we cover the basics of TerraClean (including a bit of science, but nothing too heavy). We will take a look at:

  • What is TerraClean?
  • How does TerraClean work?
  • Where can you get a TerraClean service?
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What is TerraClean?

First things first, TerraClean isn’t a ‘pour in’ carbon removal treatment, like the sort of treatments you might find at your local car maintenance or car accessories superstore etc. So, what exactly is TerraClean?

TerraClean is a process of delivering a highly refined fuel through your vehicle's engine, using an advanced cleaning unit, which cleans deep into your engine, including the post-combustion areas of the fuel and exhaust system.

How Does TerraClean Work?

To explain how TerraClean works and why it’s one of the best engine cleaning systems available, does mean getting a bit science-focused, but don’t panic, we’ve kept it as jargon-free, and as short as possible.

To start with – Why does an engine need cleaning?

It’s mostly about the petrol (we’ll briefly cover diesel further down). The petrol you put in your car is made up of two components, which include:

  • Aliphatic Fuel:This is the component that supplies the combustion, i.e. it has a loose molecular structure which allows it to burn quickly, leaving only a slight trace of carbon behind.

  • Aromatics: Aromatics are basically made up of hydrocarbons and benzene, which help to produce the octane the engine requires for power, and act to prevent the petrol from igniting before it's fully compressed.

    The problem is, the aromatics in petrol don’t entirely combust, and leave behind a residue of carbon deposits which hang around in the engine, blocking up components such as:

    • Catalytic converters
    • Inlet valves
    • Exhaust ports
    • Lambda sensors (a sensor that helps optimise the mixture of air and fuel)
    • Exhaust chambers

    Which in short, means all the components that work together so that your car starts every time, doesn’t misfire, and runs smoothly, cleanly, and efficiently.

So, How Does TerraClean Help?

TerraClean basically removes all of these carbon deposits, tars, gums and varnishes from the engine, to give your car a new lease of life, both in performance and emissions output. But, the unique thing about a TerraClean service, is that it has two distinct stages, which include:

Stage 1: Restoring functionality

During this stage, the TerraClean service will give the injection system a deep cleanse, which in turn helps the injectors and fuel pressure regulator function more efficiently, which means:

  • Fuel pressure is optimised
  • Timing is improved
  • Fuel atomisation is improved
  • Flow of fuel vapour is improved
  • The engine has a cleaner burn and therefore a reduction in the level of hydrocarbons.

Stage2: Columbic fractionation

OK, we admit, columbic fractionation does sound a bit jargony but simplified, it is the process in a TerraClean service where a passive negative electrical charge is passed through your car's engine to further break down the molecular structure of the fuel, turning it from liquid to vapour.

Then, because the carbon in components such as the combustion chambers, lambda sensors and catalytic converter, have a natural positive charge they’re attracted to the negative charge which then completes the process of columbic fractionation by converting the carbon into carbon dioxide, which can leave the engine via the exhaust.

And TerraClean also works on diesel engines…
Although a slightly different process, the TerraClean system is also designed to be used for diesel engines, where it will clean both exhaust gas recirculation systems, and diesel particulate filters (if fitted).

Where can you get a TerraClean service?

A TerraClean service is available either in one of the garages belonging to the network of TerraClean providers, or via an approved mobile TerraClean provider.

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