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Car Servicing in Milton Keynes

At our dedicated car service centre in Milton Keynes, we provide three different levels of car servicing as we understand that customers have different requirements and budgets. All of our car services are based on a fixed price, including VAT, and come with an 18-month guarantee on all parts and labour.

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Our Car Servicing In Milton Keynes

Whether you are after a quick low budget car service or you want the full treatment car service,
Quality Car Service can provide you with what you’re looking for. The 3 types of car servicing
packages we offer are value service, full service, and performance service.

Performance Service

Along with everything offered in the Full Service, this highest level of car servicing also includes TerraClean; a unique cleaning system that removes carbon and varnishes from your injectors, combustion chambers and exhaust valves, restoring power, performance and economy to your engine. The diligent process takes 4 hours to complete and is ideal for customers who are interested in giving their car the full treatment.

Full Service

The Full Service option is recommended at 12 months/10,000 miles and ensures that every part of your car is checked and tested and that vital filters are replaced. In fact, our recommendation is to replace every filter at every service. We also recommend flushing the fuel line and engine casing, this is why at Quality Car Service, the Engine Casing and Fuel Economy Service is unique to our garage and is included as part of the Full Service. When carried out annually and combined with filter replacement, helps to not only keep you safe, but prevents engine wear and premature component failure and ensures that your car remains in top condition for a longer period.

Value Service

This price-conscious car servicing option exceeds the manufacturer's interim service and includes a full list of safety checks, fluid efficiency and battery test reports, oil and filter replacement, service light reset and your service book stamped. This 1 hour Value Service is designed for customers on a budget or when speed is of the essence.

What’s included?

TerraClean fuel intake service (performance, economy, response).
Engine casing service, (carbon and contamination removal)
Fuel line service (carbon and contamination removal)
Fuel filter
Pollen Filter
Spark plugs (petrol)
Oil filter and oil change
Air Filter
All lights, warning lights and horn function
Air conditioning check
Road Test
Windscreen wash/wipe system
Wiper blade condition
Headlight washer system
Mirrors visual inspection
Top up screen wash
Door locks and bonnet catch check and grease
Service Valet
Check auxillary belt condition and tension
Battery check
Coolant level check
Hydraulic fluid levels and power steering
Front and rear brake pad/disc thickness and condition report
Engine, gearbox, steering and suspension check
Exhaust system visual check for leaks and damage
Under body visual check for damage, loose securing parts
Tyre condition and pressure check
Tracking check

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