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Diagnostics Test Milton Keynes

Has the Engine Management light or any dashboard warning lights come on in your car?

Do you have squeaky brakes or do you hear a grinding noise when braking?

  • Worrisome car niggle? Bring your car to us
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  • Available for ALL car types & no obligation
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Free 15-min Car Diagnostic Check

Let Quality Car Service Milton Keynes put your mind at rest. If you are not sure what to do, just give us a call now to discuss the problem. We will ask you to bring your car in and check the problem for you for free. That’s correct, we offer a free, no obligation 15-minute diagnostic check on all cars.

Identify and Diagnose All Faults

When the Engine Management light or one of the dashboard warning lights comes on, our highly qualified technicians can read the ‘trouble codes’ and, using specialist diagnostic equipment, trace the fault to its original cause. Clearing the fault code without first identifying the cause will increase the amount of time it takes to properly diagnose a fault. It is important to understand that sometimes the problem may not be just the sensor; it could be a connection, wiring or even a problem with the ECU itself. In fact, at Quality Car Service, our car diagnostic check is so thorough that we can not only identify the root cause of an electronic problem, but we also check faulty or worn mechanical components which cannot be diagnosed by your car’s ECU such as squeaky brakes or a grinding noise when braking.

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Car Diagnostic Technology

At Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes we continuously invest in the latest car diagnostic and repair technology, using the most advanced diagnostic software, equipment and tools, on par with main dealers. With today’s technologically-advanced vehicles the engines are controlled by the cars’ onboard computers, the ECUs. This is why it is important that you choose a reliable, trusted garage that has access to the latest tools and software and the highest level of expertise to correctly and efficiently diagnose and repair your car.

Diagnostics Expertise for All Car Brands

Using up-to-date diagnostic technology specific to each car brand is crucial and allows us to correctly and systematically work through any fault, saving customers money by avoiding any unnecessary replacement of car parts. Handling all car makes and models and specialising in more than 40 car brands, we can confidently say that our technicians are more qualified than the main dealer. Contact Quality Car Service today to book your free, no obligation 15-minute diagnostic check.

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