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At Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes we are confident that with our diesel particulate filter cleaning service we can avoid DPF removal, which is unnecessary and very costly to replace.
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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service

If your DPF light or Engine Management light comes on, it does not automatically mean the DPF is blocked. Examples of other problems include split pipe, failed differential pressure sensor and blocked sensor. Whatever the issue may be, you must not ignore the problem. Get in touch with us and our highly skilled technicians will carry out a precise DPF assessment and diagnosis on your car.

We do not recommend the replacement of the DPF. If you were to imagine a Dyson vacuum cleaner; you fill the dust container, you empty the container and carry on. The DPF principle is the same; the DPF is blocked, not broken or damaged, and rarely would it require replacing

Chris Gurney – Director QCS

Our DPF 4-stage process

Quality Car Service follows a comprehensive 4-stage process when assessing and fixing the DPF issue in your car: Customer Assessment, Vehicle Assessment, Review of Repair Methods with Customer and Repair Work.

Why is a DPF necessary?

Important Note: By law, it is illegal to remove the DPF; your car will fail the MOT and you could be fined.

For over 10 years, DPFs have been fitted to most diesel cars in the UK, in line with European emission standards. This is why, in February 2014, a law was passed which states if your diesel car is missing its DPF (i.e. it has been removed), it will fail the MOT. A new DPF will have to be fitted in order for your car to pass the next MOT. DPF removal could also mean a fine of up to £1,000 for cars and £2,500 for light goods vehicles.

The DPF light has come on – What do I do?

Unlike a catalytic converter, a DPF is not a flow-through device. It is designed to trap carbon soot particles from exhaust emissions. The process by which DPF gets rid of these particles is called ‘regeneration’. With most diesel cars, the DPF light lets you know that regeneration is needed. If DPF regeneration does not happen on its own, another light called the Engine Management Light should come on. We highly recommend that you call us if either light comes on.

Important Note: Main dealers are no longer able to carry out ‘forced regeneration’ on cars. They can ONLY carry out ‘active regeneration’, something which drivers/owners can do on their own. Main dealers, therefore, resort to replacing the DPF. On the contrary, Quality Car Service can carry out forced regeneration and cleaning of DPF, saving our customers unnecessary expenses.

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