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At Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes our highly qualified team of technicians are on hand to attend to any kind of vehicle repair. If you're experiencing car problems and unsure of the nature of the issue, please take advantage of our free 15-minute diagnostic check.

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It is important that a cambelt (also known as a ‘timing’ belt) be replaced at specific times or mileage intervals, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. By adhering to these timings, you are less likely to cause severe damage to your car’s engine. As cambelts begin breaking down internally long before they do externally, a visual inspection may show that there is nothing wrong and that a cambelt replacement is unnecessary. This is far from the truth and, not only must the cam belt be removed and fully inspected as a simple visual inspection is ineffective, but if the cambelt has deteriorated, the water pump must also be replaced; the two must go hand in hand as not changing the water pump can be as damaging as not changing the cambelt.

At Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes our friendly, honest and reliable technicians have many years of professional experience and can help by carrying out a thorough inspection. Even if you don’t know when the last cambelt change took place, it is certainly worth having it replaced as the average cost of repairing engine damage caused by a broken cambelt is around four times more than the cost of replacing both the cambelt and water pump.

If you have come across a grinding noise when braking, squeaky brakes, a hard brake pedal, if the steering wheel shakes when braking or you’ve simply noticed a brake warning light come on, it could be a problem relating to your car’s brakes and should not be ignored. At Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes we take the safety of all our customers very seriously. This is why we follow the highest industry standards when it comes to carrying out any brake repairs and replacements and have instant access to a range of brakes for virtually all vehicles.

The biggest challenge for drivers when it comes to brakes is that even though they wear down with time and mileage, they are unlikely to become any less effective until they eventually fail completely. This is why it is crucial to find out how worn your brakes are and when they will need to be replaced. Quality Car Service uses specialist measuring equipment to obtain an exact measurement of your brakes and compares it to the manufacturer's specifications. If you have any doubt about your car’s brakes, we encourage you to contact us in order for our highly trained technicians to make a correct diagnosis of the fault.

Are you facing clutch or gearbox problems in your car? If your car won’t go into gear or you are noticing grinding gears or the clutch slipping, our highly skilled technicians at Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes are here to assist, armed with the right tools and expertise to diagnose and repair all automatic and manual clutches and gearboxes.

If your car needs a gearbox or clutch replacement, you can rest assured that with the most advanced diagnostic equipment on the market and our experience in working with over 40 car brands, we can resolve the problem swiftly and get you safely back on the road in no time.

When it comes to their cars, people quite often don’t even realise that they may have starter motor problems or alternator problems; the majority assume that there is a persistent issue with their car battery when, in fact, it may not be the battery at all. As the starter motor uses electricity from the car’s battery to start the engine or ‘turn over’ the car and the alternator generates electricity to replenish the battery while the engine is running, it is no surprise for many to make this wrongful assumption.

The alternator and starter motor are two different parts of a car engine and perform very different functions, but both play a vital role when it comes to your car working properly; one starts your car and the other ensures that it continues to run. So if you find that your car won’t start just clicks or you ask yourself ‘Why does my battery die so fast?’ don’t assume it is always an issue with the battery. Contact Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes and let us correctly diagnose the problem for you.

At Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes we offer full car air conditioning services including, a complete inspection of your car’s air conditioning system, an air conditioning re-gas service and a decontamination treatment.

The car air conditioning system should always be kept clean in order to avoid unpleasant bacterial growth which can be hazardous to your health; when air conditioning is not in use, the build-up of condensation acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which results in an unpleasant smell when you switch on the air conditioning in your car.

To kill all mould and fungi, remove any build-up of bacteria colonies, improve the air quality in your car and deodorise the interior of your car, we highly recommend that you contact us today to book your full air conditioning service. Let Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes provide you and your family with a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable car travel experience.

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