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Car Tyres | QCS | Milton Keynes

At Quality Car Service we offer our customers a full range of car tyres and can cater to all budgets. Whether you have been searching for affordable cheap tyres or are looking for high quality premium tyres, we can help.

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Car Tyres

If you are looking for car tyres to take away on the spot or have fitted straight away, we stock an extensive collection of tyre brands, covering a complete size range. We do, of course, always advise our customers to purchase quality tyres, as maximum safety is a critical component when selecting tyres for your vehicle. We are confident that you will find what you’re looking for at Quality Car Service, Milton Keynes.

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General Tires – QCS Tyre of Choice

At QCS, Milton Keynes we fully recommend General Tire tyres. GT tyres use advanced technologies to produce tyres of the highest standard. All GT tyres come complete with a smart worn-tyre notification system for quick and easy self-assessment of tyre wear, and for complete peace of mind, tyres come with accidental damage warranty.

General Tire Accidental Warranty.

If your GT tires are accidentally damaged beyond repair, the defective tyre can be replaced for you at QCS. You will only be charged for the proportion of tread that has been used. For full terms and conditions, or to make a claim – please email service@qualitycarservice.co.uk

Tyre Safety Information

We cannot stress enough the importance of correct tyre care and maintenance. Not only will regular tyre checks ensure your safety, they can also reduce fuel consumption and prolong the life of your tyres. Prolong tyre life, and stay safe.

Tyre Tread
The legal depth of car tread in the UK is 1.6mm. A simple test for this is to place a 20p piece in the middle groove of your tyre. If any of the outer rim is still showing, your tyres need changing immediately. Inadequate tread depth will lower tyre performance in wet conditions, reduce stopping distance and reduce road safety.

Tyre Pressure
Under-inflated tyres will make your vehicle a danger on the road, with compromised handling and grip on the road. Keeping your tyre at the correct pressure will reduce running costs of your car and avoid the risk of a blow-out at high speeds, such as motorway driving. It is advised that you check tyre pressure at least once a month.

Wheel Alignment (Tracking)
You may not realise it, but correct wheel alignment (also referred to as tracking or geometry) will greatly reduce tyre wear, keeping you safe on the road. Amongst other things, misaligned wheels can cause your tyres to wear unevenly and prematurely, even adding thousands of miles to tyre life. We often find wheels can be knocked out of alignment during winter months due to hitting troublesome potholes, but this can also be caused by knocking kerbs and everyday driving.

Steering & Suspension
Another cause of premature or uneven tyre wear is steering and suspension related problems. If you notice drifting when steering, it may be an issue with your steering and suspension system. If you’re unsure, please ensure to book a complimentary diagnostic check with our team where will we access your car and advise on any potential problems.

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